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PPM has effectively worked to develop a number of logisitics solutions and alternatives to assist OEM customers in meeting their profitability and asset utilization objectives. The following are some implemented techniques.

Blanket orders

  • PPM works with a number of customers on the basis of annual or semi-annual blanket orders, to provide the customer the benefit of higher volume pricing, while providing ppm with improved purchasing and production flexibility
  • Minimum inventories: the blanket order approach, combined with jointly establishing minimum inventory levels, enables ppm to service the customer’s delivery requirements, whether to stock, or to “feed” the customer’s manufacturing cells through kanban or other production and inventory management techniques, keeping customer’s inventory to a minimum
  • PPM operations management proactively monitors and adjusts the customers’ inventory levels consistent with requirements

Providing subassemblies and assemblies

  • Ppm works with customers to improve the efficiency of their material management activities by more frequently providing subassemblies and assemblies instead of merely plastic injection molded components
  • This approach is implemented through two major vehicles:
    • PPMs increased sourcing/purchasing/stocking of required components
    • PPM’s increased investment in resources to effectively complete a larger and more diverse scope of value added operations continues to be a PPM management priority

Joint total cost reduction projects

  • The PPM team works with customer teams, using techinques such as value stream mapping, kaizen events, and others as appropriate to develop operating improvements in all areas.

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