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Creative and cost effective prototype & production molds have been a core skill and success factor for PPM for over 50 years. We conduct a very inter-active process to create the best mold concept to meet your part design. We then make the mold a reality, either in-house or through one of our reliable, low cost, approved vendors. At Prototype & Plastic Mold Co, we offer the best knowledge and experience to conceive and create a quality mold construction, and ultimately achieve your part design.

PPM has experience with building many types of molds:
  • Single or groups of prototype molds in 4 weeks or less
  • Production molds (4-14 weeks)
    • Self contained, steel and/or aluminum
    • Mud-plate structured molds
    • Rounds or inserts to be installed in a mold frame
  • PPM has several niches or specialties in mold making that both demonstrate our versatility and our unique skill set:
    • The making of molds for a variety of insert molding applications, for a diverse
      range of applications
    • The making of molds for parts with internal and external threads, including automatic unscrewing molds
    • The making of molds for the "lost core" process, where the parts' required geometries can not be created by molding in a straightforward open-close, collapsible cores, or other conventional mold making method
    • The making of molds for bearing related applications, such as overmolding various bearing coatings and molds that produce industrial and aerospace tight tolerance bearing cages
    • The making of molds to overmold magnets into very precise positions for a number of different applications, including industrial pump impellers, fluid level detections floats, and other related devices requiring magnetics
    • The making of molds to implement desired "metal to plastic" conversions, especially for aerospace and industrial applications
Prototype & Plastic Mold Co. is ISO9001 & AS9100 certified with an exemption claimed for 8.3 Design. As such, we are unable to design your part for you but we will partner with you to create the best mold concept possible and to make your idea a reality.

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