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As a PPM supplier, it is your responsibility to ensure that all clauses, terms and conditions specified or referenced within the P.O. and this document are understood and complied with.

Failure to meet all quality clauses and requirements defined or referenced may result in rejection of the items or services you supply and can affect your Supplier Approval Status.

All written and verbal communications with PPM are to be through the Purchasing department, and or Customer Service.

In special circumstances, which relate to quality, you may contact PPMS Quality Manager directly at
860-632-2800 ext. 28 or by fax at 860-632-2249.

It is the policy of PPM to procure goods and services only from those Suppliers who are approved by PPM. If you are a new supplier, you must complete a Supplier Quality Questionnaire (SQQ) and return it to PPM for review before any order can be placed with your company.

In addition, or as an alternative, PPM may elect to conduct an on-site survey of your facility to ensure that the required quality system and process controls are in compliance with PPM quality requirements. This provision shall also allow PPM’s customers and regulatory agencies right of entry.

Your Supplier Approval Status may also be subject to review based on the quality and timeliness of delivered items, responses to PPM Supplier Corrective Action Requests, changes of administration or ownership of your company, and/or other quality related issues.

In the case of a change in ownership or relocation of your company, PPM’s Purchasing department must be notified within 30 days.

If, as a supplier of PPM, you are not specifically requested to use a company approved source, then you may use other sources. In such cases, you are responsible to effect the necessary controls on your suppliers to ensure compliance with the applicable provisions of PPM’s POs, drawings, specifications and this document.

In all cases, your company is fully responsible for monitoring the work performed by your suppliers and must also ensure a flow-down of PPM’s quality requirements to your supplier to the extent applicable for the work performed.

Nonconforming product produced from PPM’s provided material will be segregated, tagged, and returned to PPM along with completed (Supplier’s) internal nonconformance report. Documented cause and corrective action is required.


Suppliers are required to notify PPM on all known nonconformities, which have already shipped to PPM and/or PPM customers. Notification shall be timely and in writing. If a PPM customer contacts the Supplier directly on a nonconformance issue, the Supplier shall notify PPM in a timely manner and supply PPM with all the same data/information supplied to PPM’s customer.


As a PPM supplier, you are responsible for evaluating damage due to transport at time of receipt of PPM supplied materials and for the appropriate controls and periodic inspection of PPM supplied material during storage, handling, and processing.

Strict segregation and control of PPM material is required by your organization. No material substitution is permitted without prior PPM written approval.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the latest issue of PPM drawings and specifications as stated on the P.O. are available and maintained within your facility. Any missing or additional documentation you may require can be obtained through the PPM Purchasing department upon request.


If you require a change to released PPM drawings, specifications, etc., these changes must be approved in writing by PPM’s Engineering department. Without an authorized change, you are expected to meet all requirements defined or referenced within the PO and this document. 

DOCUMENT RETENTION: Unless otherwise specified under the terms of a contract or dictated by an applicable jurisdiction, the specific content and retention period for all documents is 10 years.

 “Any changes to processes, materials, sourcing, machines or manufacturing locations
Will require pre-approval by PPM Engineering.”

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